FAAM offers several ways of buying at auction: in person, absentee bidding, telephone bidding or through the Internet via the Live Auctioneers website. 
In Person
If you are able to be present at the auction, you may bid in person.  Registration will provide you with a paddle and can be completed upon arrival on the day of the auction. 
Absentee and Telephone Bidding
If you are unable to attend and wish to bid via absentee bidding or over the telephone, please do so by filling out either an absentee or telephone bidding form twenty-four hours prior to the auction. FAAM will conduct your absentee bid(s) and strive to purchase the desired lot(s) at the lowest price.  For telephone bids, a FAAM salesroom representative will contact you during the sale and will bid live with you over the phone. 

To download the bid form, please click here.
Online Bidding
Online bidding can be executed with Live Auctioneers. You must register twenty-four hours in advance of the auction through the Live Auctioneers website in order to ensure approval on time for the desired auction. 
Additional Information
For any questions regarding the bidding process, please contact one of FAAM sales representatives either by e-mailing or calling +1 305 573 4228 during business hours.
Prior to any sale, FAAM strongly recommends buyers to read and become familiar with all relevant materials regarding bidding and the conditions of sale.